Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This evening Tori has really loved playing this coat, and hasn't taken is off.

Camilla & Chad's Visit

My sister Camilla and her husband were in town this past weekend for the game and a big alumni conference thing. It was great to see them.

You can't tell but Camilla is 17 weeks pregnant with number 3.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today Is my brother's birthday! Happy B-day Ivan! And I finally took profile pictures of my tummy, so you can just all see how far my tummy is sticking out these days. Maybe next time I decide to take a picture of myself I'll brush my hair and put some makeup on.

I have less than two months till my due date, woo hoo! My pregnancy is going great for the most part. There has been a couple times the baby has been sitting on a nerve. When she does this I get a crazy pain in my lower back/upper bum that makes it hard to move from the position that I am in . I am so happy it doesn't happen everyday or even that often. I am having cravings almost everyday. My craving for a particular food doesn't go away till I give in and when I do give in, I move on to craving something else. Some of the recent cravings have been chicken fired steak, green pepper pizza, blueberry syrup, hot chocolate, and oranges. Naps have become more frequent. Lugging this extra weight around is so tiring. I am so happy Tori is still a napper so I can take a midday break. Everything else is pretty much textbook.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009