Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rain Rain, Horray!

Holy Moly it rain really hard today. it rained hard enough in a short period of time to cause the the street drainage to flood. I don't think there has been a time since we have been in our house that is has rained enough to cause such huge puddles. The girls has a lot of fun jumping and running around in the water.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Water Baby

Macy is a total water baby. She loves and is total comfortable in the water. Here are few examples...
From the time Macy was about a year old she has been happy lay back and relax in the tub. Now when you ask her to wash her hair she will go head and get her hair yet and rub her head.

Playing at the near by splash pad is also one of Macy's favorite things to do.

This water love of Macy slows us down almost everywhere we go. Every time she sees a water fountain she must stop and take a drink and play in the water. She has memorized where the drinking fountains at church are.

At the mall there is a large stone globe that rotates in a small pool of water right by the play area, and Macy always runs over play with it ever time we go. She typically gets her clothing soaked, but the last time we went she decided to take it a step further. The girl put her head in the water over and over. I really didn't like the it to much but had to take a picture. Before i know it she in going to jump in and float around in it like it a bath tub.

An on going battle I have with Macy is to keep her out of the bathroom. Thankfully she doesn't play in the toilet, but she likes to play in the sink. She turns on the water, makes bubbles, and slashed all around.

Macy had so much much playing in the water hose. She completely soaked herself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tori's Joke

This Summer We have being going to the Library's outside story times. For the first few minutes the mike is past around for the children who want to tell a Joke. Tori always got very excited to tell a joke but got a little to scared to tell one. Finally she was brave enough to tell one. If you can't watch the video her joke is, Why did the ant cross the road? So the alligator could eat him. Yeah she made that joke up.


While driving home from Manti we spotted a beautiful rainbow out in field. I couldn't resist stopping and to take pictures. My girls loved the flowers so much they didn't want to stop picking, smelling, and playing with them to look at the camera. Still I think they are pretty dang cute pictures. Maybe one day while driving out in the middle of no where I'll see another rainbow and I'll be able to get pictures of both of my daughters faces.


HAHAHA, I am laughing at myself thinking I would blog daily. Anyway here I am again rededicating myself to blog. This time lets say I just try to blog more frequently. More Frequently and that is it. Here we go...