Monday, January 25, 2010

Disco Macy

We are having so much fun with sunglasses these days. These two pictures are my favorites of the how ever many I took.
Cute smile

Awesome double chin

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I guess it has been about two weeks maybe three (time is going by in one huge blur) since I started to potty train Tori. I feel like she is doing well. She has gone number one and two in the toilet and has an total understanding for what the toilet is for but will still 'miss' the toilet if I am not on top of making sure she gets to the toilet every hour. She naps and sleeps through out the night with out diapers, and loves her panties. However she doesn't always keep them on. Anyway I ready to have her fully potty trained. What a great day that will be.

Get Your Hair Did

I'm guessing most of you are use to seeing little miss Tori with her hair all crazy like and in her face. So I decided it was time for her first haircut. To prepare Tori I found videos of nice calm children getting their hair cut, and watched them with her. While watching the videos I was talking about how fun it was, and let her know she was going to get her hair cut soon. Honetly I don't think she saw why it was so fun.
Anyway here is her before photo:

The hair dresser and I decided it would be best to take about an inch off the back to even things up a bit and to also trim up Tori's bangs.

Tori did a great job being nice and clam but she have to much fun.

My poor girl thing looked so bored while she was getting her hair styled.

Tada! Tori with a sweet little bob.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Car Wash Video

When Jake and I to took his mother's car to the car wash I was a little nervous Tori was going to freak out when the water started to pound on the windows, but I think she enjoyed it. I am happy she was amused by it because as a child I loved going to the car wash with my dad. Feeling the water spray against the roof with my hands, and watching the blue swirling sponges scrub the car was, well, magical for me. I imagined and wish I could take a bath in the car wash. It seemed so fun for the car. I also thought it would be great to leave a window open just to get to experience a little bit of the car's very exciting wash. How could a bath anymore fun when there is spraying water and big blue swirling sponges involved?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jake and Tori

How cute are these pictures? I didn't know Jake took them. When I found them scrolling threw the pictures on my camera I had a chuckle.

Much Better

I apologize for that really annoying song that would play when my blog was opened. When
I created one of my slide shows I didn't realize was featuring the song on code I selected. Now you can view my blog in peace

All Smiles

Macy is starting to smile when coaxed these days. Seeing her smile is a wonderful reward for, you know, the times being a mom doesn't make me smile.

I can't believe this little girl is already over two months old. She is growing so fast, but I am very excited to watch her to grow and learn new things!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Princess Tori

Tori loves the princess dress up she got for Christmas!

Christmas Time

Our Christmas season was a nice one. We had a lot of fun threw out the month of December doing Christmas stuff. We decorated ginger bread houses a couple times, went to our ward party, I hosted bunco, the girls took pictures with Santa, we decorated cookies, ate yummy foods, attended the Hall family Christmas party, and spent a lot of time with Jake's parents.

On Christmas morning our family of four we opened the gifts that Santa brought us. Then had the traditional Aebleskivers for breakfast with Jake's family. After breakfast we exchanged gifts with the family. Later in the day Jake, Macy, and I went with Wayne and Sherry to visit Jakes Grandparents. We finished off the day with dinner and video games.

Here are our Christmas Time Pictures.

Mother of Two