Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tori the Walker

Just short of 2 months after Tori's first step she has finally walked around our home for most of the day! I now consider her a walker! Here is the promised video of Tori walking. Sorry it is a bit shaky, I had to scoot away so she would keep on walking. You go little girl!

Pop up Card

This is the coolest, sweetest, and cutest card Tori received for her birthday. Number 1 it is from Carter, Tori's long distance flame. And second this card is a pop up. Thanks Carter you totally made Tori's birthday! And she says Yes!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Time to Brag

I know it is not tasteful to out right brag about about myself on my blog but I am...

For one month I went to the gym every day Monday-Saturday! I am very proud of my self and hope to keep doing this for the rest of my life!

After 30 days I am totally seeing the results! I did not loose much weight but I am staring to loose my spare tire around my waist, and I'm seeing definition in my arms and legs that I have never had. I can feel that I am stronger, I feel better, and I can run to the back of Wal-Mart to switch my eggs and back with out getting out of breath.

I am still working towards my goal of being able to comfortably run 3 consecutive ten minute miles at a 3% incline. Comfortably meaning not wanting to pass out right after I am done and being able to keep going. Actually I am not even close. In 30 minutes I go a little over 2.6 miles. I have not even tried to jog at 6 mph yet because 5.5 mph is kicking my trash.

Another fitness goal I have made is participate in a sprint triathlon and Olympic triathlon.
Right now I am focusing on getting fit and in a better routine of working out. I haven't starting to specifically train for the triathlons but I am pretty sure swimming a mile is going to be the most challenging.

The disttnces for sprint and a olympic triathlon are
Sprint: Swim .5 miles Bike 12.4 miles Run 3.1 miles
Olympic: .93 miles 24.8miles 6.2 miles

Oh man typing the distances makes me realize a bit more how challenging swimming, biking, and running so far will be But I will do it!
About a week ago my two and half year old niece, Ryleigh, suffered third degree burns on one of hands. My sister was making caramel popcorn and as Candida pored the caramel on the popcorn Ryleigh stuck her hand into it. Ryleigh will be needing several skin graphs and special attention to her hand for several months. Ryleigh, my sister and her family are doing well, but would really appreciate your prayers that all will go well with Ryleigh's recovery. Thanks

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Me in the National Enquirer

So here is something you all don't know about me. I was mentioned in the National Enquirer. Yes the tabloid. And Yes me, not another Sylvia. I know what you are thinking, What!?! How?!? What!?! Really?!? Hmm....Cool, I Guess. What now?

It all started when my 3rd sister was born and the first letter of the 3 girl's names were O, C, and C. Olivia, Candida, and, Camilla. My father asked my mother, "So what do you want to spell occur or occasion?" Can you guess which my mom picked? Bingo, she picked occasion.

Yeah it is cool but how did the national enquirer get wind of it?

Well first the local news paper picked it up. We live in a pretty little town so most anything can be news. Plus it helped that my mom walked to the hospital while in labor with my youngest sister. Also, to have a family of eight Children with no step kids, or half siblings in Louisiana is quite out of ordinary.

Then radio stations that reported the 'odd' news started to report about the 'occasion family'. I don't know how many stations reported it but it caught the attention of some journalist from the Globe. However, the Globe didn't print the story in their magazine. Instead they sold our story to the National Enquirer.

So towards the back of the April 1992 issue of the National Enquirer a two paragraph story title Parents Cast a Spell on Children gave only the facts about my family and the word occasion. And yes my name was listed.

Dance Little Lady

Tori's hands down favorite toy is her Christmas Gift from her Uncle Mike and Aunt Autumn. It is a little barn that has 23 buttons that introduces Tori to numbers , animals, sounds and colors in English and Spanish. It is pretty hi-tech baby toy. The reason Tori loves it is because the little bear button plays music that she loves to dance to. There are times where Tori will press the button then dance over and over again for minutes at a time.

At first I thought this toy was going to be a source of annoyance because of all the noises and sounds but I was wrong. Is has been an absolutely the opposite. It has been so much fun to watch Tori dance and dance, and occasionally sing along with this barn. So thanks Mike and Autumn for the great toy and the laughs and memories that it creates.