Friday, January 30, 2009

Jake's Blogspot

A while back Jake started a metal shaping blog, but now he has a blog that he will share he thoughts on. Cool huh! Anyway you should check it out.

How She Measures Up

I know you all have been waiting for Tori's 12 month measurements so here they are...
Weight 17.13 pounds 5% & Length 28 inches 25%
She is a little thang


It is pretty unusual fro me to have nightmares and not to sleep well. Most of the time my dreams are just a huge concoction of old and current memories, thing I wants, and me driving around. But I slept horrible last night. Tori woke up crying at about 1:00 am,but soon was back asleep. And then I started to have nightmares. The nightmares are the reason I am awake right now and my eye is twitching. Ugh! My very unpleasant dream was about my church calling, which I love by the way. Okay here it is... Oh by the way I have the best comity ever!

Jake and I were sitting where the choir usually sits in front off the congregation, and were obviously not agreeing what we should be doing for the coming Family Valentines Dance. I was dressed very inappropriately. I had on a white spaghetti strap tank that showed my belly, and I had on a tiny show your booty off pair of shorts. Plus I was bare foot. The rest of the activities comity sat in the congregation and I was getting so frustrated because I could not talk to them about the the dance or get anything planned. I wanted to yell so badly but I could only make hand gestures to try to communicate with them. Eventually I ran out of the chapel, and out to my car but I did not have the keys because I was driving my mom's suburban. I freaked out and it started to rain, making me look more like a mess. I had no other choice but to go back into the church building. When I did go back in the halls were crowded and all the members were going to Sunday school. The frustrating part was that I could not find anyone on the activities comity and was never able to get any thing planned for the dance.

The nightmare pretty much ended there. I woke up stressed, clueless about what will be done for this very real activity coming up in about a week, wanting to change the dance to a dinner, and unable to sleep, with an eye twitch.

I know a dance might not be the most popular ward activity but I think has very high potential to be the most fun. Unfortunately I feel almost as lost as I did in my nightmare when it comes to this dance. Blah.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a Year Can Do

She is One!

Today is Tori's birthday!!! It has been a really fun and a really busy day. This is what we did...
First Tori and I went to the gym. Then I took Tori out for a birthday breakfast to Mimi's Cafe. My mother took my siblings and I out for breakfast for our birthdays, and I have decided to carry on the tradition. Next, Tori and I went to Brick Oven with my Haws family to celebrate Tori's birthday as well as Laurie's. Thanks for all the gifts sistas! After lunch I hurried home, Tori took a nap while I finished up some chores. Then Tori had her 12 month doctors appointment. I know it was really mean of me to schedule the day she gets shots on her birthday but I just didn't think about it a few months ago. The goods news is, is that after 5 minutes her vaccinations were given to her she was back to being as happy as can be. Just like she never even got shots in the first place. We went strait home after the doctors appointment. Tori took another nap and I finished getting ready for Tori's party. Tori was so tired she slept for several hours and woke up just before guests started to arrive. I couldn't believe how many poeple came! Thanks to everyone for coming and all the gifts! For her birthday party we had pizza and cake, and chit chatted away. Tori liked eating her cake but was a surpisingly clean eatter tonight. It was fun. However we are all partied out, and are all ready to get to bed.

Newly Engaged

This is Anglea and Loyd, all in love and stuff, engaged to get married, congats y'all!


The brand new Brockson or B-Rock
What big feet you have B-Rock

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tori helping Grandma mix soup

Tori blowing her nose and giving me a cuddle

A mini knee walk... Crazy thing is, is that Tori will shimmy on her knees across a room!

Being Chased by Grandma, I love Tori's giggles.

Forth in Forth

Ok I have done this tag in the past but it was one of my favorites so I willing follow the Connie's request to post my forth picture in my forth folder...

This is a picture my brother sent to me while he was in Iraq. He was showing me just how dusty the air was. In this picture the you can't tell that the sky is actually blue with all the dust floating around. Gross.

Since January 6th

A lot has gone down since January 6th, the last time I blogged. Actually I have not blogged about many important things that have occurred even before Christmas. Here is a recap...

My sister, Angela, is now engaged to Loyd, some weird guy she met in Spain. JUST KIDDING!!! She has known Loyd for quite a while and he has never been to Spain. He is a good ole Utah boy. They are still playing with a few dates. Most likely they will be married in May or June in the Jordan River Temple.

Tori has walked but isn't walking. Her first step was on the 19th of December. She would take only one step every now and then till a week and a half latter. Then she took three steps. After those three steps she reverted back to not even standing. After a few weeks she took another few steps, then a few days would pass and she would take another 3 or 4 steps. Then this pass Sunday she walked half the length of the chapel, a good 10 steps or so. However she has not walked since. As soon as I get video of her walking I'll post it.

Tori loves to walk on her knees. She starts out kneeling, then starts to shimmy around on her knees. It is quite hilarious.

Angela is back! After 6 months of living in Spain and visiting California, Texas, and Louisiana Angela is again living in our basement. Yep-ee! I am so happy to have a sister close again. Plus, I get to help with the wedding.

Oh I became a Usborne Book consultant. Yes I can be the consultant at any party you host and yes, you can buy books form me.

Tori is starting to copy. She uses rags to clean up floors, bathtubs, and table tops. She blows her nose, mixes food in pots and bowls, loves on her baby, uses a spoon to eat, and trys to put on her own clothes.

Tori has also started to enjoy a good game of chase. She giggles and giggles when you chase her up stairs, around corners, and down halls.

My favorite thing Tori does now is gives kisses and tight hugs, and calls me mom. She now calls me when she wakes up from naps. When I pick her up she hugs me and snuggles into my chest.

I almost forgot! Tori has a new little cousin, Brockston! He was born on the 15th healthy and strong! He is a big boy and is dang cute.

Hope you enjoyed the update and I plan to post soon!

Oh guess what Tori turns 1 tomorrow!!! What a year it has been.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snack Time Debut

Snack time isn't a very exciting topic or event to blog about but today during snack time Tori was it the mood to entertain. Here is was she is in her snack time debut...