Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She is One!

Today is Tori's birthday!!! It has been a really fun and a really busy day. This is what we did...
First Tori and I went to the gym. Then I took Tori out for a birthday breakfast to Mimi's Cafe. My mother took my siblings and I out for breakfast for our birthdays, and I have decided to carry on the tradition. Next, Tori and I went to Brick Oven with my Haws family to celebrate Tori's birthday as well as Laurie's. Thanks for all the gifts sistas! After lunch I hurried home, Tori took a nap while I finished up some chores. Then Tori had her 12 month doctors appointment. I know it was really mean of me to schedule the day she gets shots on her birthday but I just didn't think about it a few months ago. The goods news is, is that after 5 minutes her vaccinations were given to her she was back to being as happy as can be. Just like she never even got shots in the first place. We went strait home after the doctors appointment. Tori took another nap and I finished getting ready for Tori's party. Tori was so tired she slept for several hours and woke up just before guests started to arrive. I couldn't believe how many poeple came! Thanks to everyone for coming and all the gifts! For her birthday party we had pizza and cake, and chit chatted away. Tori liked eating her cake but was a surpisingly clean eatter tonight. It was fun. However we are all partied out, and are all ready to get to bed.

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