Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Six Months

Tori was six months yesterday. She had a really big day. She went to the doctor, got shots, had pictures taken, and went swimming. Luckily her vaccinations didn't bother her like they did at four months. At four months her fever spiked to 103, and she was in a terrible mood. Yesterday she didn't even seem to be effected. She was smiling away for the photographer. At the pool Tori was in a even better mood. She slashed, giggled, and wore her self right out.
The doctor said she is healthy and everything looks good and normal. She is 14.33 pounds and 25 inches long. Tori is in the 19th percentile for weight and the 24th percentile for length.
At six months Tori is hitting most of the milestones for her age. She almost crawling. She gets up on her hand and knees moves forward then falls. She squeaks and grunts, eats baby food very well, hits, grabs, and she is laughing a lot more. Her first tooth even came in. I am so excited to see her develop and change even more.

A Tooth

Tori recently hit another milestone. Her first tooth came through. I noticed it in relief society on Sunday. I was going to show my friend how huge a bump was on her gums. I stuck my finger in Tori's mouth to find locate the bump exactly and low and behold the bump was gone. Instead of a feeling a bump, there was the the slightest sliver of a tooth. I got really excited and let my friend know. I tried to pry Tori's mouth open to inspect her tooth but it turns out a church meeting just wasn't the best place. When I got the chance after church I peeked inside her mouth. I saw exactly what I felt, the slightest sliver of her first tooth.
Now that it has been a few days she has a bit more than a slight sliver of a tooth. I am quite surprised at how fast that tooth is growing. Another thing that surprised me is how sharp her new tooth is. It is like little razor in her mouth. Thankfully Tori hasn't bit me yet.
It is so exciting being a mom and watching your baby you love so much hit milestones. It is just so awesome.

*Her tooth still isn't big enough to photograph.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For the past month or so I have not been able to get a video posted. Grr. Therefore i am posting all my videos on youtube. But don't worry I will embed them here, on my blog, so you don't have to press a single button to see them. I just wanted to let you guys know what my deal is. Anyway here are a few that I couldn't post through blogger.

This is Tori eating the butter nut squash baby food i was talking about in the previous blog. Its her first baby food other than rice cereal.

This video is of Tori eating rice cereal for the first time.

Tori wanted to tell y'all whats on her mind.

Butternut Squash

I gave Tori her first meal of baby food today. I served butternut squash. I am planning on giving her the vegi baby food before I give her the sweeter stuff. I am hoping if I follow through with my plan then she won't be a picky eater. Tori liked the squash and didn't have much of a problem with it as far as I could see. She ate half of the little jar before spitting it out and just wanting to chew on the spoon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Baby

No no no you crazies I'm not pregnant. But my sister in law, Wendee, sure is. I am so excited for a few different reasons. One, having a baby is one of the best experiences ever. Therefore I am so happy for all pregnant women. Especially for those that are close to me. Second I am happy for My mother and father in law because you can almost feel how badly they want more grandchildren. Wendee will be giving them their third grand baby. Thirdly I am happy for Tori. She will have a cousin to play with. I have been so worried that she wouldn't have a cousin around her age to play with at family gatherings. Plus now that Wendee is pregnant I don't feel as much pressure to have another baby so soon. Anyway Congratulations Wendee and Nate.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had to do this...I hope you all share a memory!!! Pretty please???

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

Happy Remembering!

Haagen-Dazs! Yum

A couple years ago I was channel surfing and came along a Haagen-Dazs ice cream completion TV show in which people competed to get their original ice cream recipe on the shelves of grocery stores. I became hooked to the and my favorite competitors ice cream won. The same day I went to go find the ice cream and taste it but I wasn't able to find it for a few months. Anyway I eventually did find the winning ice cream, tasted it, and loved it . Yes, the winning ice cream is as pictured. Sticky Toffee Pudding is so tasty. Now I spend close the same amount of money on a pint that I would a half a gallon. I justify the cost by looking at the pint size as portion control. Another one of my haagan-dazs favorites is caramelized pear & toasted pecan. YUM!

One more of my splurges is Winder Farms milk. Milk just so much better fresh.

Ivan in Iraq

My little but very tall brother Ivan is in Iraq right now serving in the war. He has been there for about5 months. This whole time I haven't been emailing him but I finally did and like the nice brother that he is, he emailed me right back with pictures. He said its kinda fun and sand is EVERYWHERE. In the pictures he sent it looks like it is cloudy or foggy but it is just the sand in the air. Here are some of the pictures he sent me.

Thanks for being so Brave Ivan! I love you so much.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It Is Great

I don't like thinking about my wedding and thinking about things I would do different but the I would change two things the photographer. He was a punk. That old fart told me I had the wrong guy for the job 30 minutes after Jake and I got married at temple square. Punk. On his behalf the pictures were not horrible, they were nice, just not my style. Thanks for letting me vent. The second thing I would change is my first dance. Don't get me wrong it was everything I imagined. Jake twirled me around, dipped me, kissed me and did everything just right. However I just wish I imagined this.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Proud

I am a little bit of a wacky parent I guess because I am so proud that Tori has learned how to get her feet in her mouth. My whole life I have thought when a baby gets her toes in her her mouth it the coolest, funniest, and raddest, thing ever. I have been waiting patiently for her to learn this skill. Go Tori!


I guess these plush toys are the new beanie babies. Except you can do more with webkinz than just count them. They come with a code and you go to the webkinz website, plug in the code, adopt your pet, name it, then start playing games, taking quizzes, doing jobs to earn 'kinzcash' to build your pet a rocking house with toys, games, yards, and TVs. Most of my nieces and nephews are so into these things so I decided to get one too to connect with them a little more. Now I am addicted. I have even adopted my second plush toy. When Tori will let me I play my favorite games in webkinz world. Some of them are a little challenging. This is why I haven't been blogging.


Shop at Out N Back for all your camping and out door needs! They rock.
Scout Falls

Serena and I

My good friend and visiting teaching companion Serena started going hiking a couple times a week a few months ago. On our first hike we decided to hike Mount Timpanogos latter in the summer. Well we decided to go earlier than we decided. Like two months earlier. On the June 28th we set out on our big hike. (Serena has hiked Timp 4 or 5 times but this was my first.) We left the house at 4:00 in the morning hoping to get a early start to the hike but on our way the canyon a police man informed us the road was closed because someone rolled their vehicle and they were waiting for a tow truck. We waited for about 45 minutes then were able to get threw. We started hiking at 6:00. We made it to about the mid point between the lake and the saddle before we decided to turn back becuase of the snow. I really enjoyed the hike even though we didn't make it to the top. Coming down was fun because we slid about half of it on our bums down long snow fields. At the end of this month I am making a another trek up to get the top so if you want to come let me know.

Wisdom Teeth.

Back on the 18th of June I had my wisdom teeth removed. It didn't take long to pull those suckers out, but ever second of that proceeder I hated. Weirdly, I thought would enjoy my self at least a little because for the first time I was going to be put on laughy gas. However as soon as they put that fake nose thing on me I started to get panicky. Then when I started to feel like I loosing control of my emotions I pulled that fake nose thing right off and took in a deep breath of nice air. After a second I figured it would be best to just calm down and deal with breathing in the laughy gas. Just after a minute or two I has crying, then snorting, then laughing, then crying again because I was laughing. This cycle repeated its self the whole time. Afterwards I was quite grumpy. When my dentist told me I did well, I grumbled at him. I also don't think i smiled for an hour afterwards. next time I have major dental work done I am going to be knocked out for sure.