Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Baby

No no no you crazies I'm not pregnant. But my sister in law, Wendee, sure is. I am so excited for a few different reasons. One, having a baby is one of the best experiences ever. Therefore I am so happy for all pregnant women. Especially for those that are close to me. Second I am happy for My mother and father in law because you can almost feel how badly they want more grandchildren. Wendee will be giving them their third grand baby. Thirdly I am happy for Tori. She will have a cousin to play with. I have been so worried that she wouldn't have a cousin around her age to play with at family gatherings. Plus now that Wendee is pregnant I don't feel as much pressure to have another baby so soon. Anyway Congratulations Wendee and Nate.

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Martin said...

Hello Sylvia,

Congratulations on Tori. Did you get my Congratulations card?

All the best,