Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Tooth

Tori recently hit another milestone. Her first tooth came through. I noticed it in relief society on Sunday. I was going to show my friend how huge a bump was on her gums. I stuck my finger in Tori's mouth to find locate the bump exactly and low and behold the bump was gone. Instead of a feeling a bump, there was the the slightest sliver of a tooth. I got really excited and let my friend know. I tried to pry Tori's mouth open to inspect her tooth but it turns out a church meeting just wasn't the best place. When I got the chance after church I peeked inside her mouth. I saw exactly what I felt, the slightest sliver of her first tooth.
Now that it has been a few days she has a bit more than a slight sliver of a tooth. I am quite surprised at how fast that tooth is growing. Another thing that surprised me is how sharp her new tooth is. It is like little razor in her mouth. Thankfully Tori hasn't bit me yet.
It is so exciting being a mom and watching your baby you love so much hit milestones. It is just so awesome.

*Her tooth still isn't big enough to photograph.

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