Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wisdom Teeth.

Back on the 18th of June I had my wisdom teeth removed. It didn't take long to pull those suckers out, but ever second of that proceeder I hated. Weirdly, I thought would enjoy my self at least a little because for the first time I was going to be put on laughy gas. However as soon as they put that fake nose thing on me I started to get panicky. Then when I started to feel like I loosing control of my emotions I pulled that fake nose thing right off and took in a deep breath of nice air. After a second I figured it would be best to just calm down and deal with breathing in the laughy gas. Just after a minute or two I has crying, then snorting, then laughing, then crying again because I was laughing. This cycle repeated its self the whole time. Afterwards I was quite grumpy. When my dentist told me I did well, I grumbled at him. I also don't think i smiled for an hour afterwards. next time I have major dental work done I am going to be knocked out for sure.

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Angela said...

hahaha! oh syl thats great fun. i wish you would have taperecorded yourself. how funny would that have been? what did you grumble to your dentist? hehee