Monday, December 28, 2009

Ugly Sweaters

This year at the annual Hall Family Christmas Party we wore ugly sweaters. I love parties you get to dress for! I found my sweater at Saver, and Jake's and Tori's at D.I.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Tada Tori's first shiner. The poor girl was runner around in the gym during the ward Christmas party and face planted it right into a chair. It was awful. Really awful. Before I could get to her she was screaming in pain. And her little nose was bleeding so much that it was getting into her mouth. For a minute there I thought her nose was broken. Luckily Tori's nose didn't bleed for very long and we were able to stay for the activity. Plus, she pulled off a black eye nicely don't you think?

Monday, December 7, 2009

What Does Areil Say?

Tori loves to watch the Little Mermaid and has started to sing almost like her when asked, when she is watching the show, or if she is playing with her Ariel Toys. What a hoot.


Macy's First Bath
Tori's and Macy's first bath together

Thanksgiving, Blessing, Wedding, and New Orleans

This year for the day after Thanksgiving my family, Jakes parents, and his Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dennis took off for Louisiana for my family's Thanksgiving/ Christmas, Macy's baby blessing, My best friends wedding, and to visit New Orleans. The trip started off very slow with a 3 hour delay in the Salt Lake City International Airport. Thankfully the girls did very well and we didn't have any problems.

Anyway on Saturday my family had tons of fun together, eating, talking about Loyd;), haivng our white elephant party, and exchanging gifts. Here are the pictures.

Then on Sunday Macy and cousin Estella were blessed in our home ward.

After sacrament meeting we hurried off to St. Fansisville, LA for Amber's wedding. I was a bridesmaid so I was freaking out that I wasn't going to make it in time for the wedding but I did. I made just in time to take pictures with Amber and the other bridesmaids.

Amber was absolutely beautiful, and wedding was so perfect.
We spent of the trip in New Orleans. Oh the food was so yummy. I wanted to eat and eat and get as much of the best food on earth as I could. The weather could of been better in the big easy, but that did not stop us from having a great time. Here is what we did in New Orleans.

The 3 of Us

I tried to get a cute picture of Tori, Macy, and me, but this is all I got. Tori and Macy got tired pretty quick of being squeezed together while I tried to take the pictures.