Tuesday, April 28, 2009

15 Months

Look at this little angle. Today she is 15 months and I personally think she is getting cutter and cutter.

Heck I know I am not very good at keeping up with milestones month to month, but lets go over a few ...

She says Theo all the time. She also say this, that, baby, yeah, hello, mommy, and dad. Even with the little vocabulary she has she communicate just fine. Tori is not the kind of child to keep you guessing about her needs and wants.

She knows where her noses is and from time to time she will point out my mouth and eyes but can't quite get past her nose. Tori also knows where her belly is. She likes to pull up her shirt and show you where it is.

Tori has learned how to stomp and run. She has learned that she must hold my hand if she wants to walk down the sidewalk or in parking lots. Or if she wants walk up and down stairs like a big girl instead of on her belly.

When it comes to getting her food or milk sooner is better. She has a little dance and song when she wants her grub faster. Tori leans forward a little, stomps her feet, her hands are out stretched grabbing the air, and she make e e e e begging noise. I am ok with this, little act she does. I just hope it doesn't elevate to screaming and throwing her self to the floor. She is getting better and feeding herself with spoons and forks. She can even manage to eat a bowl of cereal quite well.

Tori loves her books. She will read aloud or go grab a book and sit in my lap when she wants me to read to her. Her favorite book is a touch and feel flap book.

She likes to look in the mirror, give kisses only if she wants to, wave to everyone, play at the park, rub lotion on her hands, take baths, and can't like with out her blankie and thumb.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Jake, Tori, and I had a very nice Easter.

First we opened our Easter baskets and enjoyed the morning. Then went to church. After church we headed to Jake parent's house, and had a tasty dinner. After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt. It was fun and Tori got a lot of candy, a little cash, and a few toys in the eggs she found. We had a great time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

General Conference

Unfortunately I missed a little bit more General Conference than I wanted due to double ear infections and sleep deprivation . Thank goodness for the church website. Lately I have been catching up on what I missed. Like so many I love Elder Jeffery R. Hollands talk.

Here is a video that goes along with a very powerful and touching part of Elder Holland's talk that I enjoy.

Texas Trip

For my Grandfather's funeral I flew into Austin, Texas to ride to Louisiana with my Sister Candida and her family. Then I stayed a few extra days with Candida to get a good visit in. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Cousin Jenna Marie and Tori

Cousin Bryce and Tori

I love this picture. Tori's hair would go crazy when she was on the trampoline and her face is priceless in this picture!

My niece Rielghie

All for of my sister's kids are in this picture. The best is Bryce in the back there, I don't think he wanted to dance with Jenna Marie anymore... We were at the Oasis dancing.

Cassidy and Tori on the train.

One pretty cool thing about Candida's neighborhood are the parties they throw for holidays. For Easter the H.O.A.put on a rocking Easter party that included 3 egg hunts, a train ride, a little petting zoo with baby goat, calf, lamb, chicks, bunnies, and ducklings. Plus there was yummy food.
Tori caught on to the whole put the egg the basket thing quite fast and had a lot of fun finding eggs and trowing them in her basket.

One of the bunnies in the petting Zoo. Tori loved all the animals.

In this picture you can see all the battle wombs Tori suffered during the trip, a scratched cheek and scuffed up knees. She also came down with a double ear infection while were in Texas. I have never seen Tori so miserable before than at that time.

This is one of the yummiest cajun foods around, It is called boudin (boo-dan) Oh it is so so good. Boudin is usually made of rice, pork, and spices and cooked in a casing.

Angela, Candida, and I enjoying our yummy boubin in the bright bright sun!

Reighlie and Tori sharing some chocolate covered raisins.

Tori is in a field of Texas's state flower, the blue bonnet.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Grandpa

On March 28th my mother's father, Sullivan Evebe Aguillard, passed away. He was 92 years old, had 12 children, 44 grand children, 62 great grand children and 8 great great grand children. My Grandpa was very funny, was very strong, and loved to dance!

I was able to attend Grandpa's funeral. It was a traditional catholic funeral. Unfortunately Tori was a bit tired for most of it. So I listened to what I could before my crying baby forced me to go outside.

After I moved to away from home to Utah I was not able to see my grandfather till this past Christmas. Honestly , I can not remember my the last visit with before I moved. I am so happy that Jake and I spent a little more money and traveled a few more hours to spend a little time with my grandfather. It would of been so easy to put off another trip to south Louisiana for another year. I will always treasure my last visit with him. He talked about how strong he was and kept making jokes.

Some memories I have of Grandpa from my child hood are of his sugar cane fields, he would away cut little pieces of sugar cane up for the kids to chew on. He would also let me play on his horse saddles. He would sit me up on them so I could pretend I was riding around. One not so pleasant memories are of him killing a chicken, eek. I think I was a little scared of him after that. I also remember for a time he gave up beer and a little olive oil instead.
My Grandpa's Sister, Sister Rita Micheal
with Tori and I

Me and Tori with my Parents

My family that was able to make it