Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Grandpa

On March 28th my mother's father, Sullivan Evebe Aguillard, passed away. He was 92 years old, had 12 children, 44 grand children, 62 great grand children and 8 great great grand children. My Grandpa was very funny, was very strong, and loved to dance!

I was able to attend Grandpa's funeral. It was a traditional catholic funeral. Unfortunately Tori was a bit tired for most of it. So I listened to what I could before my crying baby forced me to go outside.

After I moved to away from home to Utah I was not able to see my grandfather till this past Christmas. Honestly , I can not remember my the last visit with before I moved. I am so happy that Jake and I spent a little more money and traveled a few more hours to spend a little time with my grandfather. It would of been so easy to put off another trip to south Louisiana for another year. I will always treasure my last visit with him. He talked about how strong he was and kept making jokes.

Some memories I have of Grandpa from my child hood are of his sugar cane fields, he would away cut little pieces of sugar cane up for the kids to chew on. He would also let me play on his horse saddles. He would sit me up on them so I could pretend I was riding around. One not so pleasant memories are of him killing a chicken, eek. I think I was a little scared of him after that. I also remember for a time he gave up beer and a little olive oil instead.
My Grandpa's Sister, Sister Rita Micheal
with Tori and I

Me and Tori with my Parents

My family that was able to make it

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lucy said...

I'm sorry your grandpa passed away. I heard it was so good to get together with family. And I'm loving that dress you're wearing.