Tuesday, April 28, 2009

15 Months

Look at this little angle. Today she is 15 months and I personally think she is getting cutter and cutter.

Heck I know I am not very good at keeping up with milestones month to month, but lets go over a few ...

She says Theo all the time. She also say this, that, baby, yeah, hello, mommy, and dad. Even with the little vocabulary she has she communicate just fine. Tori is not the kind of child to keep you guessing about her needs and wants.

She knows where her noses is and from time to time she will point out my mouth and eyes but can't quite get past her nose. Tori also knows where her belly is. She likes to pull up her shirt and show you where it is.

Tori has learned how to stomp and run. She has learned that she must hold my hand if she wants to walk down the sidewalk or in parking lots. Or if she wants walk up and down stairs like a big girl instead of on her belly.

When it comes to getting her food or milk sooner is better. She has a little dance and song when she wants her grub faster. Tori leans forward a little, stomps her feet, her hands are out stretched grabbing the air, and she make e e e e begging noise. I am ok with this, little act she does. I just hope it doesn't elevate to screaming and throwing her self to the floor. She is getting better and feeding herself with spoons and forks. She can even manage to eat a bowl of cereal quite well.

Tori loves her books. She will read aloud or go grab a book and sit in my lap when she wants me to read to her. Her favorite book is a touch and feel flap book.

She likes to look in the mirror, give kisses only if she wants to, wave to everyone, play at the park, rub lotion on her hands, take baths, and can't like with out her blankie and thumb.

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