Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stroller Time

LOL! I can't give over this. While we were playing outside Tori went around the corner, and came back pushing her stroller. She parked it where she wanted it, put her blanket in the basket,and then climbed in the basket with her blanket for a snuggle.

Rainy Day

Sunday evening was a raining one and Tori didn't mind, not one bit. She enjoyed standing in the rain till she started to shiver. Even then she really didn't want to come inside. I love this girl.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The 3 Year Bliss

Happy Anniversary to Jake and I!

Yes, today is Jake and I's 3rd anniversary and what a three years it has been. Honestly, Jake and I both agree that it seems like has been more like ten year vs. three but in a good way. I wonder what ten years will feel like.

Anyway we had a fun day of celebrating. First we had a ward activity to attend. We had a Memorial Day Breakfast and 5K run. There was a great turn out for the activity which started the day off right. Afterward we went home rested, cleaned a bit, and then I went out to buy Jake a gift. Then Jake's parents came over to babysit Tori.

While Jake's parents were here Jake and I went to go out to eat at Iggy's. A sports grill might sound like a weird place to go on such a special day, but I have always wanted to go to Iggy's because the commercials make it look so fun, so it was nice to finally go.

We let our food settle then went to one of the many fozen yogurt joints in Provo. We really didn't know what to after that but I knew didn't to go see movie so we went to Sportsman Warehouse because we have giftcards to use there. However it was closed early for the Holiday. We were right by Roberts Crafts and I thought it would be nice to see if they had any cute things to looks at for a sec. We walked aound the store and decided it would be super fun to paint. We bought paint sets went into our backyard and created masterpeices.
My favorite painting is Van Gogh's ''Sunflowers'' so I tryed.
Jake's painting rocks. He is so good at everything.

Our little painting setup.

Then after painting we decided to build boats and race them down out gutter out frout. We were to late. The stream of water flowing a few hours earlier had dried up. We will race them some other time.

My boats is the love one, and it would of won and will win whenever.

It has been a sweet three years. I have learned and grown so much being with Jake. My life has only become more blessed and better these past three years. I love you Husband. XOX

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cafe Rio is Yummy

I admit it, I occasionally enjoy a Cafe Rio pork burrito or salad. Actually my favorite part about getting Cafe Rio is eating my leftovers the next day, and so does Tori. While eating my next day burrito Tori took my tin pan and put her face in the pan and starting eating. Do you see her dirty little nose and for head.

Tori and No

Tori has been saying 'no' to everything lately. By doing so she has been making me chuckle. Here are a few 'no' stories.

So yesterday when I gave Tori her gummy vitamins I handed her only one of her two. Immediately she started to do her stomping give me more dance to let me know that she wanted her second vitamin. I told her that she could have the second when she ate the first one. Tori put her thumb and first two fingers to her mouth and smacked her mouth a few times. I asked her if she faked eating her vitamin, and she said no. I opened her hand and tucked in there was she gummy vitamin. When she realized she was discovered she just smiled up at me.

Today Tori and I visited Jake at work and had lunch with him. While Jake and I were eating Tori was playing with Jake's office supplies. Then in the middle of playing she stop and stood still. I knew what was going on, she was just in the middle of soiling her diaper. So I asked Tori if she was pooping. In reply she grunted No. Jake and I both laughed at our funny little daughter.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


From the time Jake and I were married I always planned on having a garden. I wanted to plant pretty flowers and of course a vegetable with tomatoes, peppers, and other veggies. I was able plant flowers every year and last year I even got around to planting peas and some lettuce in pots. They didn't do so well but it was still fun to get a few pods of peas a day for a month or so and to watch the seeds sprout. But the flowers and the few pea pods really didn't hit my gardening spot. This year I decided to plant a full on garden and I am so happy to have all the plants in the ground. Here is a look at my little gardens.

Well these aren't my flowers but while we at Lowes Tori loved playing it the flowers

My flower garden in front of my house

I planted several different types of tomatoes. This is a celebrity tomato plant.

I also planted bell and jalapeno peppers, onions, lettuce, zucchini, squash, honeydew, watermelon, and a couple mystery plants.

Here is a good look the onions.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Duck Man

Maybe it is just because I am a momma but this video put a smile on my face.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Decisions

I have a decision to make and I need y'all to help me. I am trying to decide on where I should swim this summer. Should I get a pass to Seven Peaks or a punch pass to Veterans Memorial Pool?

The pros of each:
Veterans is less than a mile away so I can walk or bike there very easily.
With the punch pass to Vet. Pool I will save a dollar a visit.
If I want a friend to come with it would be much easier to convince them to spend $4 vs. $20.
The punches can be used for anyone.
Tori gets free admission.

Seven Peaks has more attractions.
I do know a few people getting season passes, and will likely have people to chat with while I'm there.
Tori gets free admission.
If I to get a pass to seven peaks and want to go to Vet. a few times it is not that big a deal.
I'll get a little work out if I bike there.
I can go as many times as I want when I want with out running out of punches.

The cons of each:
With the punch pass at Veterans I can only go 25 times and then I have to pay more moo la to go again.
I can't bring in my own food.

Seven Peaks is bit father away at 2 miles and I could ride my bike in heat but it would be very tiring (I am thinking very lazy!)
If I drive there is a fee to park.

The Costs
To get a 25 visit Punch Pass to Veterans it cost $75
A season pass to Seven Peaks $50, plus parking pass at $25.
So they come out to cost the same.

So tell what y'all are going to do this summer for pool time and which of the two you would pick.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crawfish, So Yummy

Every year a good friend's company party serves crawfish and has been so awesome to invite me to get a taste of home. Yum Louisiana tastes good! Thanks Louis and Krista !!!

A couple of crawfish I brought home for a a friend

Tori enjoying the tram. However she wasn't to interested in the crawfish. Maybe in a few years when she can handle the spice.

I invited Hayley to come along. She is from Alaska and it was her fist time to eat crawfish. F.Y.I. she loved them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This morning I sat down in the back seat of my car to pull out my sleeping Tori out of her car seat. She stared to whimper just a little from being disturbed so I took a moment and let her fall back asleep on my shoulder. It was so nice to cuddle my baby. It was so peaceful to listen to her breath, and to feel her little heart beat against my chest as the wind slightly swept across us. Her arm draped over my shoulder and her face was nuzzled into my neck. What a great blessing from the Lord to have such a tender and sweet moment to feel so much love, peace, and, absolute joy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tori Wants an Ipod

Today Tori learned what an ipod is, and now she wants Auntie Angela's. Maybe I'll try to explain to her that maybe she is still a little to young for her very own ipod.

Eric Herman, Great Kid Songs

To entertain Tori I will look for fun kid music we can dance to, or that is fun to listen to. Recently I on you tube I found Eric Herman songs. I really am liking his songs, and so is Tori. Here are a couple of the songs that we like.