Friday, May 22, 2009

Tori and No

Tori has been saying 'no' to everything lately. By doing so she has been making me chuckle. Here are a few 'no' stories.

So yesterday when I gave Tori her gummy vitamins I handed her only one of her two. Immediately she started to do her stomping give me more dance to let me know that she wanted her second vitamin. I told her that she could have the second when she ate the first one. Tori put her thumb and first two fingers to her mouth and smacked her mouth a few times. I asked her if she faked eating her vitamin, and she said no. I opened her hand and tucked in there was she gummy vitamin. When she realized she was discovered she just smiled up at me.

Today Tori and I visited Jake at work and had lunch with him. While Jake and I were eating Tori was playing with Jake's office supplies. Then in the middle of playing she stop and stood still. I knew what was going on, she was just in the middle of soiling her diaper. So I asked Tori if she was pooping. In reply she grunted No. Jake and I both laughed at our funny little daughter.

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