Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crawfish, So Yummy

Every year a good friend's company party serves crawfish and has been so awesome to invite me to get a taste of home. Yum Louisiana tastes good! Thanks Louis and Krista !!!

A couple of crawfish I brought home for a a friend

Tori enjoying the tram. However she wasn't to interested in the crawfish. Maybe in a few years when she can handle the spice.

I invited Hayley to come along. She is from Alaska and it was her fist time to eat crawfish. F.Y.I. she loved them.


Loyd said...

that looks sooo delicious

Amanda said...

I'm sorry, but they look SO disgusting!! I'm a wimp though when it comes to, don't mind me =). You look cute though...does that help?! =)