Thursday, May 7, 2009

This morning I sat down in the back seat of my car to pull out my sleeping Tori out of her car seat. She stared to whimper just a little from being disturbed so I took a moment and let her fall back asleep on my shoulder. It was so nice to cuddle my baby. It was so peaceful to listen to her breath, and to feel her little heart beat against my chest as the wind slightly swept across us. Her arm draped over my shoulder and her face was nuzzled into my neck. What a great blessing from the Lord to have such a tender and sweet moment to feel so much love, peace, and, absolute joy.


Jessie said...

I love this, too. Last night we got home from Cory's parents house pretty late, and Janey zonked out on the car ride home. I got to take her out of her car seat, snuggle her up to me, and just hold her for a minute, before I finally put her in bed. Love sweet sleeping babies. Thanks for reminding me of that memory, and for sharing your own.

Laine said...

there is nothing like it.