Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Decisions

I have a decision to make and I need y'all to help me. I am trying to decide on where I should swim this summer. Should I get a pass to Seven Peaks or a punch pass to Veterans Memorial Pool?

The pros of each:
Veterans is less than a mile away so I can walk or bike there very easily.
With the punch pass to Vet. Pool I will save a dollar a visit.
If I want a friend to come with it would be much easier to convince them to spend $4 vs. $20.
The punches can be used for anyone.
Tori gets free admission.

Seven Peaks has more attractions.
I do know a few people getting season passes, and will likely have people to chat with while I'm there.
Tori gets free admission.
If I to get a pass to seven peaks and want to go to Vet. a few times it is not that big a deal.
I'll get a little work out if I bike there.
I can go as many times as I want when I want with out running out of punches.

The cons of each:
With the punch pass at Veterans I can only go 25 times and then I have to pay more moo la to go again.
I can't bring in my own food.

Seven Peaks is bit father away at 2 miles and I could ride my bike in heat but it would be very tiring (I am thinking very lazy!)
If I drive there is a fee to park.

The Costs
To get a 25 visit Punch Pass to Veterans it cost $75
A season pass to Seven Peaks $50, plus parking pass at $25.
So they come out to cost the same.

So tell what y'all are going to do this summer for pool time and which of the two you would pick.


Jessie said...

We're getting a kiddie pool for the backyard and calling it good. My girls fry in the sun, regardless of sunblock, so we're keeping it close to home, where we can head inside whenever we need to. You're more than welcome to join us anytime, though! I have heard about several women in the ward who are going to Seven Peaks, though, and have been severely tempted to buy a pass myself.

Leslie said...

I am dealing with that exact problem myself. I would love to buy the pass for seven peaks and go with all the ladies in the ward, but I would have to buy one for me and then one for Isaac. I think we are going to go to the Vet pool this summer.

Jake said...

I would save the 75 dollars and buy something nice for my spouse. haha Jk