Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Bunnies

On Friday Jake and I went up to Sundance and went snowboarding. Snowboarding with Jake was was tons of fun. It was not to cold or windy. Plus, there was a little new snow on the ground so when I fell it didn't hurt to bad. Here are some pics. I really hope we will be able to hit the slopes at least one more day this spring.
The sun was way to bright to take off goggles.

I look like a robber... at least I was warm.

Friday, March 27, 2009

It is Only ONE Night

Lately Jake and I have been trying to get a vacation planned for just the two of us so we could have some special one on one time. I really want to get away with my honey, but I have been really concerned about how well emotionally I will be being away from Tori for a few nights at a time, and possibly hours away from her as well.
You got to understand I cried when I nursed her for the very last time, and I miss her even when she takes naps. When she stared to sleep in her own room I even shed a few tears, and worried about her. I don't think I love my child anymore than any good mother but I love being physically close to her, and when I am in a new situation where I am a little less close to her it is hard for me. I miss her terribly, doubt that I am good mother, and can only think of her well being. Ugh.
To test the waters for our upcoming vacation I am having Tori spend the night with Jake's mother tonight. I know she is good hands, and she will have fun. However it only took me seconds after Tori was out the door to start crying and wanting to take back my suggestion to have Tori spend a night away. Jake comforted, and then I took a long nice hot bath.
I'm still sad but I think I'll be okay. It is only one night, and spending one on one time with Jake will be great.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bum Drum

I think this is absolutley hilarious! I'm not sure how she got the idea to play the drum with her bum. Now that she knows it makes us laugh she like to show off a little. She also ueses it a chair to watch tv or to read. I think a little chair will show up in her Easter basket.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Recently Tori has stared to stop whatever she is doing and lay on the floor with her blankie partially covering her and and he thumb in her mouth. I even found her spawled out and relaxing on the floor at golds gym childcare.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been meaning to post these pictures for quite a while, like month or more. This was the first time tori left a hat on her head for more than a minute or two. Before Tori was against having hats, bows, bans, or clips of any kind on her head. She also has another little yellow and white cap that she will where around. In fact she kept it on for the duration of a hike. Bows are still a bit tricky though. Tori will pull them out of her hair fairly fast. Good thing she is looking more and more like a little girl.

Good Eatter

In the past little while Tori has eating like crazy. For Breakfast she will eat two oatmeal packs and a banana. At lunch she packs down a cheese quesadilla and yogurt. Then for dinner she usually will eat a little less of whatever we are having for dinner.

There are only a few things Tori really doesn't like. She isn't a big meat eater and isn't so big into olives. Other than that I can get her to take anything. I'm hoping she stays like this.

Anyway I love these of Tori and Jake. They are sharing a bowl of sheppard's pie.