Monday, October 31, 2011

Blankie is Back

Oh so long ago in August:) Tori left her precious, dear while blankie in Texas, and Aunt Candida found and sent it back. We received Tori blankie in the mail last Wednesday. Tori was over whelmed with happiness to get her hug, and sniff her old friend again.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Potraits by Tori

Who needs pictures taken? Tori is now available to take wedding, family, and all your other photography needs. Her schedule is very flexible ans her price are the best in town.
*She does not grantee your picture will have good lighting, be in focus, or centered.

For a while now Tori has been eager to play with the camera. She loves taking pictures of everything. The ground, people backsides (clothed), trees, and everyone who will let her. These are a few of her better ones.


Oh my goodness Macy is such a toddler now.

Girls Night

The first Saturday of each October and April Form 6-8 Jake goes to a Church Meeting for all the priesthood holders, and Tori, Macy, and I Have Girls Night. Well we do when we are home, and not other places. There have been a few times we haven't had a girls night, and it bummed me out. So this October we stayed home over conference weekend and The three of us partied at Chucky Cheese, had sundays , at Mcdonalds, and then the girls picked out new shirts at Target. So Fun! I can't wait till April for another Night with just the girls.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colors of Fall

For family night this week we went to hike Stewart Falls. When we got to the trail head it was a littler darker and cooler than we anticipated, so we decided to hike a little ways till the girls had enough. I think we might have gone a third of the way before Macy's hands started to feel like ice. Tori was bummed we didn't make it to the the falls, but she did have a lot of fun collecting the red, orange, and yellow leaves. Speaking of those leaves, they were stunning. Crazy as it is I have never been up the Provo canyon area during the Fall. I can only think if we had made it to the falls how stunning it would of been to see the Autumn colors surrounding them. maybe I'll try to convince Jake it would be a good date to go on this weekend.

Anyway, Tori has been asking to collect leaves and paste them on paper like she has seen Sid do on Sid the Science Kid. So for a some fun we did just that for a little art project today. All of Tori's leaves she collect from the trail. Macy leaves came from the neighbor's yard.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pancake Art

This is as exciting as pancakes have ever been in my house. I have made mickey mouse pancakes and mini with out her bow before( yes they are the same thing). And I have used a heart and flower pancake shape thingy, but butterflies, Ms, Ts, and big flowers is about as innovative as it gets around these parts. Tori and Macy had a lot of fun with them. Best part they ate them better then regular roundies.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ear Rings

Tori asked to get her ear ring in her ears, and I said Yes, obviously.

On Monday morning Tori came to me with a pair of my ear rings, and asked me to put them in for her. I told her I couldn't because she didn't have pierced ears. She then asked to go to the mall to get ear rings. I was so surprised. I never thought should would want to so soon, because I told her in the past that to get earrings you have to get holes put in them, and it hurts a little. She has even seen a older girl at the mall get hers done, and didn't like the looks of the experience. I even reminded her after she asked that it would hurt, and I would have to clean them a lot, but she still seemed really excited to get her ears pierced.

Jake and I had discussed that when our daughters asked they could get their ears pierced, but we didn't think we would be asked so soon. I called Jake after Tori asked and let him know what we were going to do that day. I was more excited about the idea than he was, but he reluctantly gave his consent.

When we got to the mall I had Tori picked out the ear rings she wanted, sat in the chair had her ears marked, and on the count of three Tori's first ear was pierced. She started to get teary eyed and freaked out, but before she could runaway or go crazy her second ear was pierced. The lady that helped us was really fast, and did a good job. Tori did cry for minute but stopped as soon as she saw she was going to get a sucker. Even after the minute of pain she was still very happy to have ear rings.