Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colors of Fall

For family night this week we went to hike Stewart Falls. When we got to the trail head it was a littler darker and cooler than we anticipated, so we decided to hike a little ways till the girls had enough. I think we might have gone a third of the way before Macy's hands started to feel like ice. Tori was bummed we didn't make it to the the falls, but she did have a lot of fun collecting the red, orange, and yellow leaves. Speaking of those leaves, they were stunning. Crazy as it is I have never been up the Provo canyon area during the Fall. I can only think if we had made it to the falls how stunning it would of been to see the Autumn colors surrounding them. maybe I'll try to convince Jake it would be a good date to go on this weekend.

Anyway, Tori has been asking to collect leaves and paste them on paper like she has seen Sid do on Sid the Science Kid. So for a some fun we did just that for a little art project today. All of Tori's leaves she collect from the trail. Macy leaves came from the neighbor's yard.

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