Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More November

In November Macy turned one witched I have all ready blogged about and here are a few other happens from November...
Macy discovered she love whip cream

Macy learned to brush her hair

The the help of my mother in law and other crafty people I made these super cute turkey shirts for the girls.

Macy Turned 1

These are pictures from from Macy's family party. I did have a friends party too but I totally forgot to charge my camera. My sweet friend lent me her camera, but I gave the camera back to her with out saving the pictures to our computer:( Now I think they are gone. Poor Second children.

On Macy's Birthday she barfed:( and so did Tori:( There was this crazy contagious barfy/diarrhea bug going around the ward. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. Each of the girls just barfed once then had the run for 3 days. Yuck!

Anyway we had a lot of fun partying it up!
Jake's Fam

Macy had plenty of help opening gifts

Macy's First Baby. It is even a fancy one that play peek-a-boo

I totally thought Macy was going to love digging into her cake but she just didn't realy care that she had a personal sized cake in front of her. All the chocolate on her face is from other people trying to get her to eat her cake.

One super cool thing is that Macy blew out her candle at her friends party and knocked the candle off the cake to put out at her family party.

Halloween '10

We had a nice Halloween. Jake and I dressed up for skeletons for a friends party a week before Oct. 31st. On Halloween Day I took Tori and Macy to the pumpkin patch/ corn maze/ play ground. They had fun. Unfortunately the girls were so wiped out that they had no energy to brave the rain that night to go trick or treating. Tori fell asleep at 6:30.


This was a trip of a life time. We spent 7 days at disneyland with Jake's family and had a totally awesome time. October proved to be a absolutely wonderful time to go. The lines were short, and the weather was ideal.

Highlights of the trip...

Before the trip I bought Tori Mini Mouse PJs and Slippers, she loved the slippers so much she slept in them.

Tori and her cousin Hannah had a princess makeover at the bippity boppity boutique. The bippity boppity boutique rules say that the child must be 3 years old to be be made over by the fairy god mothers in training, and Tori was 2 but we figured since Tori is so mature for her age no would mind. But then on of the Disney workers asked Tori how old she was. I think we all held our breath for a minute, but Tori confidently and promptly responded 5. Hahaha!
When Tori started to get made up she was a little grumpy, but as soon as she saw her self in her princess getup she was transformed in to a sweet twirling princess. She was twirling and showing off for everyone in the park.

I didn't think Macy at 11 months old would really care or show much interest while at Disney but she LOVED it. She love the carousel, the rockets, and Dumbo. When we passed one of these rides she would reach for them and start grunting. Papa Wayne Took Macy one the carousel three times in a row.

This being my first time to a Disney park I was taken by surprise at how star struck I was to see all the Disney characters. I totally got a autograph book for Tori and filled it up.

Sea World

We went to Sea World for a day. It was so much fun!
I most excited to see the killer whales.
Tori was star stuck to see a mermaid.
Tori favorite part was touching, and picking up the starfish.

Tori liked the whales too.
Waiting for a show to start.

Septmber 2010

September was a fun month.

Our Family had fun in Paris Idaho...

played with cousins...
Tori and Macy had fun together...
Tori helped out with Macy...
Macy fed herself her first spaghetti dinner
And It was Jake's Birthday.
Yes this was his very sad piece of birthday cake. Jake didn't want me to make a big cake, so we decided to use the slice of cake we didn't have time to eat at the restaurant from earlier in the day. Unfortunately I didn't realize that the cake was made of ice cream when I put in the refrigerator. At least Jake thought it was funny.

I started to nanny
Last but not least I started to work. Several times a week I take the girls and nanny S. It has worked out very well. Tori has made a new friend, Macy has time with me, and I make a little extra cash.

End of August 2010

I posted a little bit in August but I didn't finish up the last half of the month.
The later half of August was a bit of a stressful. Not only was summer ending, but Tori spent three days in the hospital. She was admitted because different levels in her blood were crazy and she was having high fevers, but no one could figure out why. It turned out to be a UTI. You would think a UTI would be easier to catch, and would not cause a week of worry and stress. But Whatever.

This was Tori's second UTI this year so she had a UVCG to check for urine going back into her kidneys from her bladder when she pees, and there was. Luckily this this condition will most likely fix its self as Tori grows.

Tori started a daily antibiotic to prevent anymore UTIs. Tori will be on her antibiotic at least till August of this year, and we have another UVCG to see if the urine reflux has improved. I confident her reflux will have improved this year, and I am hoping she won't need to take a daily antibiotic.

Tori was very happy to be leaving the hospital with her toys.