Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End of August 2010

I posted a little bit in August but I didn't finish up the last half of the month.
The later half of August was a bit of a stressful. Not only was summer ending, but Tori spent three days in the hospital. She was admitted because different levels in her blood were crazy and she was having high fevers, but no one could figure out why. It turned out to be a UTI. You would think a UTI would be easier to catch, and would not cause a week of worry and stress. But Whatever.

This was Tori's second UTI this year so she had a UVCG to check for urine going back into her kidneys from her bladder when she pees, and there was. Luckily this this condition will most likely fix its self as Tori grows.

Tori started a daily antibiotic to prevent anymore UTIs. Tori will be on her antibiotic at least till August of this year, and we have another UVCG to see if the urine reflux has improved. I confident her reflux will have improved this year, and I am hoping she won't need to take a daily antibiotic.

Tori was very happy to be leaving the hospital with her toys.

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