Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This was a trip of a life time. We spent 7 days at disneyland with Jake's family and had a totally awesome time. October proved to be a absolutely wonderful time to go. The lines were short, and the weather was ideal.

Highlights of the trip...

Before the trip I bought Tori Mini Mouse PJs and Slippers, she loved the slippers so much she slept in them.

Tori and her cousin Hannah had a princess makeover at the bippity boppity boutique. The bippity boppity boutique rules say that the child must be 3 years old to be be made over by the fairy god mothers in training, and Tori was 2 but we figured since Tori is so mature for her age no would mind. But then on of the Disney workers asked Tori how old she was. I think we all held our breath for a minute, but Tori confidently and promptly responded 5. Hahaha!
When Tori started to get made up she was a little grumpy, but as soon as she saw her self in her princess getup she was transformed in to a sweet twirling princess. She was twirling and showing off for everyone in the park.

I didn't think Macy at 11 months old would really care or show much interest while at Disney but she LOVED it. She love the carousel, the rockets, and Dumbo. When we passed one of these rides she would reach for them and start grunting. Papa Wayne Took Macy one the carousel three times in a row.

This being my first time to a Disney park I was taken by surprise at how star struck I was to see all the Disney characters. I totally got a autograph book for Tori and filled it up.

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