Thursday, June 28, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fancy Smany

Okay I shouldn't have been quite so dramatic about the lack of pictures I have taken a few posts ago because Jake has been taking pictures. Have I mentioned Jake received a extra fancy camera for Christmas? Well he did, thus he has been been more of the photographer for the family than I. So here are a few more pictures we have from earlier this year I would like to catch you up on. Oh I guess I should find Christmas and Tori Birthday pictures, maybe in a couple days.

 We celebrated Mardi Gras with Angela's family and the Ellsworth's with a yummy king cake form a local bakery and enchiladas(not pictured)

Tori helped me make my mask.

Tori was going wild to the Zydeco music.
moving on....

Our children nap every where but their beds.

We also celebrated St. Patricks Day at Angela and Loyd's. We had a tasty brunch, and all the food was made festive some way.

And Macy got her feelings hurt. Angela touched her Lucky Charms, or something completely awful.
Shame on Angela ;)
And just one more cute picture I found.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Celestail Happening

So as mnay of you know there was a total solar eclipse on Sunday and we had a little solar eclipse party to celebrate the rare celestial event. The view on our front porch with welding mask was just peachy.


WOOT WOOT, Jake and I went on a cruise together. Jake's mom watched the girls and we sailed away to Mexico for a week with no responsibilities. It was blissful and just want was needed.

cabo rocks

A picture of a picture the cruise photographers took I was to cheap to buy. But I really like it be
 cause I look so in love with Jake. AWE...

HAHAHA this is my absolute favorite of the entire trip!

This guy made Jake and I laugh, he was every where we went, and he would walk around and around drinking wine picking up on different ladies ever night. I had to take a picture of him, but I didn't want to make it noticeable. But I think it was. After we took this picture he was dancing right by Jake and I till he saw a lady to hit on.

Walmart in Mexico

The decor of the boat

Another picture of a picture I really liked. I was my first time to have a parrot on my sholder.

Yeah Edis, He was our waiter most night at dinner.

We were so happy on that boat

This is a band that played every night and they rocked. It was so much fun to dance and listen to their music.

I posted these pictures and more on a very popular social media website.

A few things

Here is a sample of the pictures I have taken earlier this year, not including pictures from the fairy tea. Err yeah I have really taken many.
I was so impressed by Tori's lunch request I had to take a picture

I was in an unfortunate place in my life for a month or so. To make my self feel better we visited a bakery quite often. And every time the girls wanted thier picture taken with this baker. Silly girls

And then in April we had our traditional girls night while Jake went to the general conference priedthood meeting. This girls night was a bit more short lived than others being that we were visiting Jake's family that weekend.The girls didn't want to leave grandma's house and grandma and the other in-laws didn't want to leave the house. None the less we had fun enough and the tradition was fulfilled. We had ice cream, went shopping real quick, and ran around it the gusty wind, pretending to fly.

And saddly this is the end to the pictues I took.

Fairy Tea Party

A few months ago the local library put on their annual Fairy Tea Party. This year Tori brought along her best friend Eleanor. They has a grand fairy time. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mix tapes, Burned CD's, and Playlists

The idea of compiling various songs to express one's love and friendship is not new. The medium has change over the years. However, the desire to express our feeling to the ones we care about has not. That is exactly why I am writing this cheesy post. To let the one I care for know how much I love her this Valentines day. So if your gag reflex is suppressed and you have a box of tissues at hand, please read on.

The thing that was so great about mix tapes was the amount of effort it took to create them. You knew that the person really liked you because it was such a pain in the butt to create a mix tape. I personally never made one for a girl, but I remember trying to make my own mix tapes. I would sit by the radio waiting for a certain song to play just so I could hit record button just in time only to have some annoy DJ talk over the intro.

Then came along the CD mixes. It was a lot easier to drag and drop some mp3's that I downloaded off Napster and burn a CD.  I will admit that I have made a few CD mixes for different girls over the years and handed to them with my hands behind my back looking towards the ground slowly kicking at something that wasn't there shyly saying, "Hey I burnt you CD, I hope you like it."

Now we have iPods and playlists to express our infatuation for the opposite sex. To be honest I don't even know how this works or if people even do this. Do you give them a jump drive with the songs on it?  Or do you email Facebook them the list of songs? Maybe you take their iPod and add the playlist to it. I don't know.

So I am at a loss. I don't have the time for a mix tape nor do I have the equipment to produce one. Not that my beautiful wife doesn't deserve something that takes the same amount of time and effort as it does to crank out a mix tape. I don't think a burnt CD will do my love for her justice either. I'm not even sure that the CD player is even hooked up in our car. A burnt CD just won't do Sylvia much good. I am confused as to how the playlist thing even works, so guess I will create my own thingy.

Following the progression of radio to MTV and music videos. I thought I would try out the whole song compilation to express my love thingy with music videos from YouTube in a blog post (well some aren't actually music videos but its the thought that counts right?). I just hope next year the music videos in my post don't turn into pointless TV shows that have nothing to do with music and make people dumber if they watch them.

Here it is:

I still remember exactly where I was when this song was playing in my truck. It was at the roundabout by the Branbury Appartments in Provo.  I was singing along with Sylvia in the passenger side. We had only been dating for a few short weeks. When it came to the chorus of the song that says, "Hey little girl oh I love you" I remember thinking to myself, "Hey I think I really do love this little girl sitting next to me."

Unwritten Law- Cailin

We were driving home from my parents property in Paris, Idaho. I leaned over to change my iPod to this song and took my eyes off the road.  While doing so I drifted off the road and took out a mail box on the side of the road. The mail box smashed the rear view mirror into the passenger side window where my little girl friend (Sylvia) was sitting. Pieces of glass flew all over her which cut her up a little bit and scared the crap out of her. I felt so bad. She was so good about the whole thing. She hardly complained at all and almost immediately forgave me for being so stupid. Being so quick to forgive is one of my favorite qualities she possesses.

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

We had been dating for couple months or so when Sylvia told me that she had lost a Mason Jennings CD that she really like. So I decided to surprise her one morning at work. I bought the before mentioned CD and put in my bumpin' stereo system in my black and red 65 mustang fastback. I pulled around back of the dry cleaner where she worked and turn her favorite song up as loud as it would go and waited until she came out.

Mason Jennings - Keepin It Real

It was Sylvia 21st birthday and I really wanted to impress her with an over the top day that was perfect and memorable. Among the activities were watching a movie in the mountains on my laptop, serenading her with my guitar and vocals, long boarding down the canyon, dinner and shopping at Walmart. Like most of the other activities that day, my rendition didn't go that well. I forgot the lyrics and mess up the chords.

Rise Against - Swing Life Away

I almost forgot but I actually did make a mix CD for Sylvia. I made one to play as background music while I proposed to her. The setting was the most romantic place on earth... Joe Morley's BBQ. My brother-in-law Nate set us up in the banquet room. I had a full spread of flowers and ribs. This is the song that was playing after I popped the question. Luckily Sylvia said yes and we slow dance to Tim McGraw. I don't think that I have ever told Sylvia this, but still to this day get a little teary eyed (just a little because I'm a manly man) when I hear this song and think of her.

Tim McGraw- She's My Kind of Rain

Happy Valentine's Day Baby Cakes! I love you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Green Christmas Party

 Look at the fun our family had at the Green family party on Christmas Eve.
Yeah I awasn't really sure what was going on in this chasos, but the kiddos had a lot of fun opening gifts and and trashing Grandma Sherrie's house.


 Work it Tori!

Macy loves her Baby. For the first couple of weeks she would carry that baby all over the place, and wouldn't forget diaper bag it came with.

 The Two cute babies