Monday, May 21, 2012

A few things

Here is a sample of the pictures I have taken earlier this year, not including pictures from the fairy tea. Err yeah I have really taken many.
I was so impressed by Tori's lunch request I had to take a picture

I was in an unfortunate place in my life for a month or so. To make my self feel better we visited a bakery quite often. And every time the girls wanted thier picture taken with this baker. Silly girls

And then in April we had our traditional girls night while Jake went to the general conference priedthood meeting. This girls night was a bit more short lived than others being that we were visiting Jake's family that weekend.The girls didn't want to leave grandma's house and grandma and the other in-laws didn't want to leave the house. None the less we had fun enough and the tradition was fulfilled. We had ice cream, went shopping real quick, and ran around it the gusty wind, pretending to fly.

And saddly this is the end to the pictues I took.

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