Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fancy Smany

Okay I shouldn't have been quite so dramatic about the lack of pictures I have taken a few posts ago because Jake has been taking pictures. Have I mentioned Jake received a extra fancy camera for Christmas? Well he did, thus he has been been more of the photographer for the family than I. So here are a few more pictures we have from earlier this year I would like to catch you up on. Oh I guess I should find Christmas and Tori Birthday pictures, maybe in a couple days.

 We celebrated Mardi Gras with Angela's family and the Ellsworth's with a yummy king cake form a local bakery and enchiladas(not pictured)

Tori helped me make my mask.

Tori was going wild to the Zydeco music.
moving on....

Our children nap every where but their beds.

We also celebrated St. Patricks Day at Angela and Loyd's. We had a tasty brunch, and all the food was made festive some way.

And Macy got her feelings hurt. Angela touched her Lucky Charms, or something completely awful.
Shame on Angela ;)
And just one more cute picture I found.