Monday, May 21, 2012


WOOT WOOT, Jake and I went on a cruise together. Jake's mom watched the girls and we sailed away to Mexico for a week with no responsibilities. It was blissful and just want was needed.

cabo rocks

A picture of a picture the cruise photographers took I was to cheap to buy. But I really like it be
 cause I look so in love with Jake. AWE...

HAHAHA this is my absolute favorite of the entire trip!

This guy made Jake and I laugh, he was every where we went, and he would walk around and around drinking wine picking up on different ladies ever night. I had to take a picture of him, but I didn't want to make it noticeable. But I think it was. After we took this picture he was dancing right by Jake and I till he saw a lady to hit on.

Walmart in Mexico

The decor of the boat

Another picture of a picture I really liked. I was my first time to have a parrot on my sholder.

Yeah Edis, He was our waiter most night at dinner.

We were so happy on that boat

This is a band that played every night and they rocked. It was so much fun to dance and listen to their music.

I posted these pictures and more on a very popular social media website.


Kristen and Andrew said...

So fun for you two! Looks like a blast!

wallace asheri said...

its misic..nice