Monday, April 20, 2009

Texas Trip

For my Grandfather's funeral I flew into Austin, Texas to ride to Louisiana with my Sister Candida and her family. Then I stayed a few extra days with Candida to get a good visit in. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Cousin Jenna Marie and Tori

Cousin Bryce and Tori

I love this picture. Tori's hair would go crazy when she was on the trampoline and her face is priceless in this picture!

My niece Rielghie

All for of my sister's kids are in this picture. The best is Bryce in the back there, I don't think he wanted to dance with Jenna Marie anymore... We were at the Oasis dancing.

Cassidy and Tori on the train.

One pretty cool thing about Candida's neighborhood are the parties they throw for holidays. For Easter the H.O.A.put on a rocking Easter party that included 3 egg hunts, a train ride, a little petting zoo with baby goat, calf, lamb, chicks, bunnies, and ducklings. Plus there was yummy food.
Tori caught on to the whole put the egg the basket thing quite fast and had a lot of fun finding eggs and trowing them in her basket.

One of the bunnies in the petting Zoo. Tori loved all the animals.

In this picture you can see all the battle wombs Tori suffered during the trip, a scratched cheek and scuffed up knees. She also came down with a double ear infection while were in Texas. I have never seen Tori so miserable before than at that time.

This is one of the yummiest cajun foods around, It is called boudin (boo-dan) Oh it is so so good. Boudin is usually made of rice, pork, and spices and cooked in a casing.

Angela, Candida, and I enjoying our yummy boubin in the bright bright sun!

Reighlie and Tori sharing some chocolate covered raisins.

Tori is in a field of Texas's state flower, the blue bonnet.

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