Monday, July 14, 2008

It Is Great

I don't like thinking about my wedding and thinking about things I would do different but the I would change two things the photographer. He was a punk. That old fart told me I had the wrong guy for the job 30 minutes after Jake and I got married at temple square. Punk. On his behalf the pictures were not horrible, they were nice, just not my style. Thanks for letting me vent. The second thing I would change is my first dance. Don't get me wrong it was everything I imagined. Jake twirled me around, dipped me, kissed me and did everything just right. However I just wish I imagined this.


Elaine said...

oh my gosh sylvia how did you get our wedding reception video? you might not have recognized us, we were thinner and better looking 13 years ago - but that is US!!!!!!!!!

Angela said...

aaahahahahahahahahaha! i love it! how much fun

Layla said...

That is by far the best first dance I have ever seen! Why didn't I think of something as cool? By the way your blog is super cute and your daughter is a doll!