Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Since January 6th

A lot has gone down since January 6th, the last time I blogged. Actually I have not blogged about many important things that have occurred even before Christmas. Here is a recap...

My sister, Angela, is now engaged to Loyd, some weird guy she met in Spain. JUST KIDDING!!! She has known Loyd for quite a while and he has never been to Spain. He is a good ole Utah boy. They are still playing with a few dates. Most likely they will be married in May or June in the Jordan River Temple.

Tori has walked but isn't walking. Her first step was on the 19th of December. She would take only one step every now and then till a week and a half latter. Then she took three steps. After those three steps she reverted back to not even standing. After a few weeks she took another few steps, then a few days would pass and she would take another 3 or 4 steps. Then this pass Sunday she walked half the length of the chapel, a good 10 steps or so. However she has not walked since. As soon as I get video of her walking I'll post it.

Tori loves to walk on her knees. She starts out kneeling, then starts to shimmy around on her knees. It is quite hilarious.

Angela is back! After 6 months of living in Spain and visiting California, Texas, and Louisiana Angela is again living in our basement. Yep-ee! I am so happy to have a sister close again. Plus, I get to help with the wedding.

Oh I became a Usborne Book consultant. Yes I can be the consultant at any party you host and yes, you can buy books form me.

Tori is starting to copy. She uses rags to clean up floors, bathtubs, and table tops. She blows her nose, mixes food in pots and bowls, loves on her baby, uses a spoon to eat, and trys to put on her own clothes.

Tori has also started to enjoy a good game of chase. She giggles and giggles when you chase her up stairs, around corners, and down halls.

My favorite thing Tori does now is gives kisses and tight hugs, and calls me mom. She now calls me when she wakes up from naps. When I pick her up she hugs me and snuggles into my chest.

I almost forgot! Tori has a new little cousin, Brockston! He was born on the 15th healthy and strong! He is a big boy and is dang cute.

Hope you enjoyed the update and I plan to post soon!

Oh guess what Tori turns 1 tomorrow!!! What a year it has been.

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