Friday, January 30, 2009


It is pretty unusual fro me to have nightmares and not to sleep well. Most of the time my dreams are just a huge concoction of old and current memories, thing I wants, and me driving around. But I slept horrible last night. Tori woke up crying at about 1:00 am,but soon was back asleep. And then I started to have nightmares. The nightmares are the reason I am awake right now and my eye is twitching. Ugh! My very unpleasant dream was about my church calling, which I love by the way. Okay here it is... Oh by the way I have the best comity ever!

Jake and I were sitting where the choir usually sits in front off the congregation, and were obviously not agreeing what we should be doing for the coming Family Valentines Dance. I was dressed very inappropriately. I had on a white spaghetti strap tank that showed my belly, and I had on a tiny show your booty off pair of shorts. Plus I was bare foot. The rest of the activities comity sat in the congregation and I was getting so frustrated because I could not talk to them about the the dance or get anything planned. I wanted to yell so badly but I could only make hand gestures to try to communicate with them. Eventually I ran out of the chapel, and out to my car but I did not have the keys because I was driving my mom's suburban. I freaked out and it started to rain, making me look more like a mess. I had no other choice but to go back into the church building. When I did go back in the halls were crowded and all the members were going to Sunday school. The frustrating part was that I could not find anyone on the activities comity and was never able to get any thing planned for the dance.

The nightmare pretty much ended there. I woke up stressed, clueless about what will be done for this very real activity coming up in about a week, wanting to change the dance to a dinner, and unable to sleep, with an eye twitch.

I know a dance might not be the most popular ward activity but I think has very high potential to be the most fun. Unfortunately I feel almost as lost as I did in my nightmare when it comes to this dance. Blah.


Leslie said...

No worries!!!! Everything will get done and we'll have a blast. You might want to reconsider your wardrobe choice though! ;)

Robin said...

Every year our stake here has a Valentine's dance and it's everyone's favorite activity of the year. We might go check it out this year. But, my point is, I think a dance for V-day is a great idea.

Amanda said...


First of all, I think the dance idea is AWESOME, and am so excited about it! secondly, I HATE nightmares...I hardly ever have them as well, but I had one last week too! Mine was about a huge poisonous snake in our house, that Dave tried to kill, and threw outside, but it came back to life and was bigger. I was really freaked out. What does that even mean?!
Anyway, hope you have nothing but sweet dreams from now on!

Angela said...

the dance turned out to be super fun! there was a ton of treats, people danced, and the decorations were great! way to go Greens with your awesome activities committee!