Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dance Little Lady

Tori's hands down favorite toy is her Christmas Gift from her Uncle Mike and Aunt Autumn. It is a little barn that has 23 buttons that introduces Tori to numbers , animals, sounds and colors in English and Spanish. It is pretty hi-tech baby toy. The reason Tori loves it is because the little bear button plays music that she loves to dance to. There are times where Tori will press the button then dance over and over again for minutes at a time.

At first I thought this toy was going to be a source of annoyance because of all the noises and sounds but I was wrong. Is has been an absolutely the opposite. It has been so much fun to watch Tori dance and dance, and occasionally sing along with this barn. So thanks Mike and Autumn for the great toy and the laughs and memories that it creates.


Laine said...

Caz really like this one! She said, "That's TORI?! She's making a song!"

Angela said...

ha ha ha! that is so funny! i love when she walks on her knees!