Saturday, January 23, 2010

Get Your Hair Did

I'm guessing most of you are use to seeing little miss Tori with her hair all crazy like and in her face. So I decided it was time for her first haircut. To prepare Tori I found videos of nice calm children getting their hair cut, and watched them with her. While watching the videos I was talking about how fun it was, and let her know she was going to get her hair cut soon. Honetly I don't think she saw why it was so fun.
Anyway here is her before photo:

The hair dresser and I decided it would be best to take about an inch off the back to even things up a bit and to also trim up Tori's bangs.

Tori did a great job being nice and clam but she have to much fun.

My poor girl thing looked so bored while she was getting her hair styled.

Tada! Tori with a sweet little bob.