Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Angela's Wedding

Angela and Loyd's wedding was this past weekend and it was beautiful. Angela was stunning in my mother's wedding dress. The weather was ideal, there was not a drop a rain the whole day.

All of sisters, nieces and nephews, and my parents were able to attend. We did miss Ivan and Odessa's husband, Sergio. Hopefully we get to see them soon.

Unfortunately I did not take many pictures but I had the great honor of helping Angela get dressed in the brides room.

The reception was so nice. It was simply elegant, relaxed, and comfortable. Unlike some receptions Angela's reception was so inviting that it was easy to stay and not get restless. It was a great night.

I wish Angela and Loyd all love and happiness in the world.

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Laine said...

you know this...but you have an incredible family. i'm so happy we could be there with you guys...