Friday, June 11, 2010

Tori Fish

Say hello to Tori's pet fish Tori Fish. Tori picked this guy out, and you guess it, even named him. Tori Fish has proved to be a survivor. While I was bringing him and his tank to the kitchen to be cleaned I dropped him. At first I wasn't to worried about the the fish because all I needed to do was pick him up and put him in the new water I had prepared. However when I went to pick him up I could not find him. I was thinking, How could I loose a fish? I looked under the fridge, dishwasher, the pile of little peddles on my floor, but Tori Fish was no where to be found. At that point I started to worry that this lost betta fish was going to die in some unseen crack of my home and stink up kitchen. I called Jake to make sure Tori Fish hadn't die and been flushed the past day. Of course Jake hadn't done anything to the fish. Then it dawned on me to look in the vent. I did and low and behold there was Tori Fish laying still at the bottom of the dusty vent. I took the vent off, reached for the fish, and he wiggled all around when I touched him. I was so happy he was alive and found, and not dead.


Jelena said...

Ha Ha! That is so funny! What are the odds he lands in the vent?

Angela said...

betas are survivors! nancy's boys dropped theirs as well - on the concrete in the sun and it still survived.