Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fairy Tea

The city library puts on a Fairy Tea every year, and I finally been one the ball with all the library new, and was able to bring Tori. Thankfully I saw the poster, and asked the librarian about and she said to come on the first day tickets went on sell, and it would even be a good idea to come a little before the doors opened. So I did. I arrived 15 minutes early and there was all ready a long line of moms. Some had been there since 6:00am! A little crazy I think, but to each their own. But I am little crazy, too. Because I actually bought an entire table worth of tickets so I could invite friends. I am glad I did. Tori had so much fun with her friends all dresses up in their fairy costumes. The event was so cute. There were people playing harps, ballerinas, the fairy king and his court, a cute necklace for everyone, and tasty treats.

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Angela said...

seriously - that looks like a blast! tori is like punk rock fairy! i love it! i hope i have a little girl too!