Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Typically I never think much about making New Years Resolutions because I am to cool for that, just kidding! I just haven't ever really been attracted to the idea, but at the end of 2013 I saw so many ways I needed to improve. So my New Years resolution is to improve. I made a few little signs that I put up on the magnet board in my room, and my goal each day is to get as many of them accomplished as possible. My little signs say: Pray, Read the Scriptures, Give Service, Make a Record, Stay Calm, Make Dinner, Eat Healthy, Do a load of Laundry, Workout, Clean something, and Do the Dishes After Every Meal. :) Eating Healthy is totally my hang up. I just love to EAT A LOT! Even when I make healthy food I eat way to much thus not making as healthy. I also Haven't been great at keeping my sink clean.(Jake has been ding the dishes for me lately and I LOVE him for it.) I will improve in those two things!

Here are my littles today! Tori and Macy are holding little chocolate mint sticks that I bought at a discount at fresh market. I really like them because that are so yummy and small enough they are only 15 calories each.