Wednesday, April 9, 2008

March Madness

Pawpa and Tori
Grandma Beth with Tori and Theo
Nina and I we registered everyone in the family and got started late so we did walk part of with each other.
Camilla and I after the 5K.
Elaine, Camilla, Mom, Candida, Angela, Nina, and me.
Cassidy and my niece Emily.
My niece Righlie.
Canidida, Elaine, and baby Sadie
Tori, Cassidy, and Audry.

This past march was a load of fun but I did go a little crazy with all that was going on.
Earlier in the month my best friend from high school, Amber Moss, came to visit. She also brought her friend Angle with her. I can't believe how much I forgot about being single. I don't miss it as much now that I got a reminder of the super late nights, drama, and all that goes along with being single. None the less I had a great time with those girls.
Then on the 23rd family started to roll in for Tori's blessing. From then till the 31st I had at least Three family members staying with me. Don't get me wrong, I loved having my family staying with me in my home but my house is so tiny. It doesn't take much to fill it up. Anyway first my parents and Nina got here. Then on Friday Candida, Righlie, Camilla, and Emily arrived. Saturday was a crazy day. My mom, Candida, Camilla, Angela, Nina, Elaine, and I participated in a 5K. Then we all rushed back home for a brunch with the rest of my family and Elaine's Family. During the brunch one of us was getting ready for my baby shower in Hooper latter that afternoon. The Brunch wasn't to chaotic because I decided to stick to easy foods. It was great to hang out with with Elaine's family because in ways they feel like my own.
The shower was great, fabulous food, great gifts, and lots of family.
The Blessing day was when I went a little crazy. I was so stressed to have so many people in my tiny, cluttered house that I freaked. You know tears and acting like the world was going to end. Thankfully I pulled it together for church.
Jake did an awesome job blessing Tori. He is such a great father. With in the first few sentences he blessed Tori that she would know that she could come to her mother and father in time of need. I really really hope she knows that all her life. I love her so and want to be a source of comfort, love, advice, and of anything she needs forever. Like I said Jake did great, and I love him so much.
Lunch after the blessing was nice. We ended up feeding Jake's family during third hour of church and mine after church. That made things so much easier when it came to squeezing guests in my home. Talking and visiting was nice the food was yummy and all was well.

Me opening gifts at my shower.
Great Grandma Hall with Tori
Camilla, Emily, Grubby Me, Tori, Candida and Righlie.
Everyone again plus Anglea.

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