Tuesday, July 28, 2009

18 Months

At the doctors office

Eating yummy frozen yogurt

Today Tori is officially 18 months! We celebrated a little by getting pictures taken at JCPennys, going out for a light lunch, winning a huge mega cool bouncing ball, and taking pictures in a photo booth. Of course all the fun stuff was ruined with a trip to the doctors office and shots, but Tori is a trooper didn't cry for long. Plus we got frozen yogurt after wards.

Anyway. Here are her size percentages for the record...
Weight-20.41lbs- 4.49%
Length- 31.1 inches- 34.13%

Also for the record here a few things Tori does now,
colors, plays with stickers, unfortunately hits other kids, says tissue, please, cheese, thank you, grandpa, the noise for a porscha, likes the song head shoulder knees and toes, throws trash away, loves to play in the car, read, likes to eat cottage cheese and strawberrys, without a doubt her favorite show is World Word and she asks to watch it specifically.

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