Friday, October 23, 2009

Play Time

Here are some of the things our family has being doing the last few weeks...

We have been building towers as high as we can
Really high towers. This one was taller than me.
Going to the park. Tori has learned her way to the park and has started pointing out the directions to the slides.

Making silly faces

We have also experienced Tori's first fat lip. Poor girl was hit right in the mouth by a moving see-saw seat on a swing set.
And best of all we have been playing with DAD


Loyd said...

I haven't really hung out with Tori in a couple weeks. I'm starting to miss her.

Wendee said...

Oh good I'm glad to see the blocks are getting put to good use. I felt like a lame aunt buying wood blocks that don't do anything when there are so many "cool" toys out there. Did you figure out a Halloween costume yet?