Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Week

I love how it looks like Tori and Macy are going to kiss

It has been a week since little Macy has been here and there is not much more I can say other than that she is a sweet, calm, and healthy baby. She poops and pees enough, is always sleeping, and is a good eater when she isn't sleeping. Actually I was a little scared for a bit because I thought she wasn't awake long enough to eat all that she needed. But like I said before she is pooping and peeing like a champ and is typically very calm. So with those two things going good I am sure Macy is getting all the milk she needs.

The first week for me has been good. I feel like I my recovery is going as good as it can get. Plus my ward, friends, and family have been so wonderful in making sure we have dinner. It has been so great not having to cook! Plus we had leftovers most nights so I haven't has to worry about lunch either.

So yeah this week has been great.


Amanda said...

Adorable picture! I'm glad things are going so well =). Macy is a doll!

Laine said...

:) I"m so happy it's been a good week Sylvia!

Amber and Ryan said...

Oh I love this picture! How special. I'm glad we got to visit you... Summer has been talking about Tori ever since.

Karie said...

The kissing picture is the best!
Beautiful girls Sylvia.