Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ballerina, Princess, or Whatever

What we did for Halloween this year...
For most of the day Tori and I stayed at home, but had fun dressing her up in her snow boots, tutu and her favorite cat shirt.

When Jake got home we dressed Tori up as a ballerina, princess, or whatever. She was all pink and fluffy so I guess that could be a number of girly things.

Tori was very excited to go outside to Trick or Treat, We only went to 15 houses or so but still ended up with plenty of candy.
After Trick or Treating we went to hang out with my sister's brother and sister in-law.
Tori has tons of fun with her Aunt Angela and Uncle Loyd, Loyd's three nephews.

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Angela said...

sooooo cute! i think you should mail tori to us in Cali once or twice a month. :)