Friday, July 9, 2010

The 4th

The best thing about the Forth or July weekend was Angela and Loyd came to visit! I was starting to get home sick for my family so a visit from her was great. I wish Angela and Loyd would move back into our basement.

Anyway to celebrate we went to hangout with Loyd's brother's family. We had alot of fun. Tori enjoyed the fireworks and the glow sticks.


the narrator said...

we had a great time! it was fun to see you jake and my nieces.

Karie said...

I especially like the picture of you and Jake! you are so beautiful

Laine said...

ooohhhhh...FUN! Did you get my email? Glad you had a fun fourth...hope your birthday was fantastic, and I LOVE THE pics of the girls!! Especially the strawberry one!