Monday, July 19, 2010


It has been a while so I'll give you a quick update on big news about each of the girlys...

Having two girls is getting more and more fun everyday. They are starting to play a little bit with one another. And my favorite part they make each other laugh. Sweet things.

Check out those chompers on Macy. She has struggled a little bit with teething, but thankfully it hasn't affected her sleep. She has been a little more of a momma's girl and emotional. Plus for about a week she would bite me. UGH, it was awful. I was a few bites away from weaning that child earlier than I was planning. To my relief she is minding her manners now.

Tori has taken a liking to painting. She likes to paint rainbows, butterflies, and her little friend Peter. What a girl.

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