Monday, August 16, 2010

Up the Nose

When I walked in the living room and saw Tori's blanket wrapped around her, and up her nose, I about I burst into laughter. She was totally zoned out watching Diego that she didn't notice me taking pictures of her. Haha!
While I am on the subject of Tori's blankie let me tell you another little happening that I have meaning to share. Tori is starting to teach people how to put her blanket up their noses! As far as I know she has taught Jake, her Papa Wayne, and Uncle Loyd. I pretty sure this is a huge complement to who ever is taught the wonderful ways of stuffing Tori's most favorite object up their nose.


the narrator said...


that photo is cracking me up!

Laine said...

Oh my gosh, I totally get this! When I was a kid I used to stick my hair up my nose and fall asleep that way. Mom would come and pull it out, all nice and crusty. Ya, that is totally gross, but you can tell Tori that she and I are kindred spirits. :)