Monday, February 11, 2008

I was tagged


10 Years Ago: I was 13, lived in Ruston, Louisiana, didn't know how to do my hair or makeup, fought with my mom, was in the 7th grade, and Lucy, Claudia, and Amanda were my best friends.

On My To-Do List: Take back some library books, organize photos, make dinner, clean, buy some bottles, and write thank you cards.

5 places that I've lived:I haven't live five places. I've only three places. Ruston Louisiana, Rexburg Idaho, and Provo Utah.

5 jobs I have had: To make up for the lack of places I have lived I'll list all the jobs I've had. Even the ones I had for two weeks. I was an office assistant at Team Publishing, a phone surveyor at Western Wats, a nanny, phone sales person at Focus Communications, car hop at Sonic for maybe two weeks, server at Tony Roma's, server at Ryan's, phone surveyor at a place I can not remember because I worked there for four days , cashier at the Cleaning Solution, shirt presser at Quality Cleaners, server at Papa Southern Smoked BBQ, fitness consultant at Upper Limit fitness, Testing Center worker at UVSC, Phone Surveyor at UVSC, cashier at Out-n-back for a couple of weeks, and then for a while I through SOS staffing and work quite a few temp jobs. If I am counting right that is 16. :)

What I would do if I became a billionaire: I would pay tithing of corse, then I build Jake the raddest garage ever, I would build a house. Give some money to Jake to invest and I would also start a scholarship program. I would also leave huge tips when I would go out to eat. To indulge I would have my very own hair dresser,cook, and maid.

Bad habits: Not cleaning, picking at Jake's face, not putting lids back on, loosing my phone, forgetting things places, and eating cooking

Things I enjoy: Spooning with Jake, staring at Tori, warm cookies and milk, reading a good book, DVR, Naps, pictures, telling stories, shopping by myself, massages, facials, and getting my hair done.

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