Thursday, May 29, 2008

Married 2 Years. Whoop Whoop!

Jake and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. To celebrate we went to Vancouver, WA. On our anniversary we went to church, walked along the Columbia River, skipped rocks in the river, and watched a movie. Jake professed his love to me by telling me he loved me a billion chagillon trillion times as many times he skipped a rock across the river. On his first attempt he skipped the rock zero times. On his next he did better and said that was the one that counted. I have such a sweet husband.

These two years have been so wonderful. I am so blessed to have such a respectful, smart, loving, caring, sexy, funny, generous, honest, romantic, understanding, extremely patient, hard working, handy, supportive, and great kissing husband for all eternity who is perfect for me. He has helped me become a better person, and is continuing to do so. He fills my heart with joy. I am so happy he is mine, and I delight in the knowledge that he will be mine forever. He is my best friend and find comfort that never loose my best friend not even through death.

Jake, Lalu.


the narrator said...

a couple weeks ago i was remembering that you two got married right before my birthday, but then i forgot. so here's a belated happy anniversary to you two. thanks for hosting my little birthday get together the other night, it was a lot of fun.

Elaine said...

You are so cute Sylvia. Happy Anniversary! "Lalu" is something we say in our family, too!

Adrienne said...

That looks so fun! I think our kids would love the ocean but it's just too far. I am so done with car trips. I'm glad tori did well in the car. Luke and Jacob are quite the handful unless they're sleeping which doesn't happen nearly as well in the car. bummer.

Adrienne said...

oh, i meant to comment to the washington post. oops. and happy anniversary to you. don't you feel like you just got married? I do. crazy how it goes so fast when you're having fun!

Jake said...

That Jake guy sounds like a stud!

Happy anniversary babe!