Friday, December 5, 2008

Clapping For the Wrong Things

I don't have a lot of time today, ward activity day, so i need to tell this story quick. Oh and before I start you should know Tori learned to clap on the 20th of November. She also learned to give fives a the day after. Go Tori! Back to story telling.

Like I said before today there is a ward activity therefore my mother in law and father in law will be coming down to watch Tori for me. So that means time for me to clean the house. Meaning as I run to put something away in the next room Tori gets moments to crawl around and play with a whatever. Of course she will get her little hands on something and taste it. Today she tasted the dish soap. When I saw her I said "Hey baby, that is gross. Yuck!" I don't think she understood because she gave me a big smile that showed all her teeth, and then clapped.


connie said...


the narrator said...

it all depends on the flavor of the dish soap. if it was delicious, i say clap away.

Elaine said...

it's so fun watching them learn and explore the world! yay tori!